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Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1989.

Live & work in Seoul metropolitan area

Art Work/ Education      

Spectator Research/Publish

Solo Exhibition

2023.5.3. - 5.11.     <이제 근대 모서리를 닦아라>, Corner Gallery, Seoul. 

2022.8.2. - 8.21.    <Illuminate, Hope, Misunderstand, Marvel>, BOAN1942 ART SPACE BOAN2, Seoul.

2016.4.15. - 4.17.  <2013, 2014, 2015>, cabinet ONON, Gwacheon, ROK.

2016.1.11. - 1.17.  <Time based relationships> ,('Contact Improvisation for a Moment'), Wooseok Gallery, Seoul.


2015.10.7.               <Charging Bus Card>, bus stop stall in Gwacheon, ROK. 

2015.5.30.               <Cucumber, 500₩>, Gwanak Mountain, Seoul.

2013.11.3. - 11.10.  <Geurim Doorae> (participatory performance), Changyeong-dong, Incheon, ROK. 


2022 <Illuminate, Hope, Misunderstand, Marvel>, Artist book, Seoul. 

2021 <The Theory and Practice of Russian Avangard>, Tatyana Goryacheva, Jongso Park, Seoul. (as publisher)

2020 <Spectator ㅁ>, Gyukjuro, Stephen Wright,  Seoul. 

2018 <White Box Black Cube>, Eunjae Lee, Seoul.


2021.10.12. - 11.21. <What we talk about when we see exhibition>, SeMA Bunker, Seoul (as a member of group 'GYUKJURO')

2017. 6. 30. - 7.1.     <Dinner of Strangers>, Yohangza Theatre, Seoul. (as a scenographer and researcher) 

2014. 5. 16. - 5.17.   <San Performance>, Gwanak Mountain, Seoul. (as a performer and designer)

2013. 5. 17. - 5.18.   <San Performance>, Gwanak Mountain, Seoul. (as a performer and designer)

2012. 10. 5. - 10. 6.  <Massage Project>, Budleggol in Gwanak Mountain, Seoul. (as a performer and documentation editor)


2018 <두번째 목욕>, Yohangza Theatre, Seoul.

2017 <달은, 아니다.>,Mimagi Art Center Mulbit Theater, Seoul.  

2017 <Dinner of Strangers>, Yohangza Theatre, Seoul.

2017 Branding of 'The Blue Beard Theatre Collective'  

2014 Web design for '순환창작소' (body & movement education studio) 


2013  Tuda Theatre Company art festival short term residency, Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, ROK. (within group 'San')

2013  Space Beam, Incheon, ROK. (within group 'Gwanak-Move')

Teaching Experience 

2022.3 ~       Seoul Arts High School, Drawing/Media art class 

2020.9.27     workshop <Paths of interpretation : Re-mapping-Decoding-Sharing> teamwork with Kim Insun, Lee Seungeun, Lee Jooyeon,

                     Lim Gayoung(gyukjuro)

2019. 2nd     경기꿈의대학 서울대학교 소속 강의 <Drawing techniques and creative concerns>, Pyeongtaek/Anyang Gwacheon 

2019             Seoul National University Painting1 1day special lecture collaboration with Choi Youngbin  

2019. 1st      경기꿈의대학 서울대학교 소속 강의 <Drawing techniques and creative concerns>, Suwon/Siheung/Anyang Gwacheon  

2018. 2nd     경기꿈의대학 서울대학교 소속 강의 <Drawing techniques and creative concerns>, Seongnam/Ansan/Hwaseong Osan/Pyeongtaek  

2018.8.3-11. workshop <Ghost Crush-Drawing techniques and conflicts> 순환창작소, Seoul, collaboration with Kim Insun  

2013             workshop <Sustainable gymnastics> Seoul National University, Seoul, collaboration with 김인선, 김윤정, 신희정


2018 MFA Painting, Seoul National University, ROK.

2012 BA Media Art, Seoul National University, ROK. 

2012 BA Painting, Seoul National University, ROK. 

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